Vinyl Floor Re-Colouring Cambridgeshire

Professional vinyl floor re-colouring and sealing services in throughout Cambridgeshire.

Do you have a vinyl floor that you’re not entirely happy with?

For example if you have just bought a house and don’t like the colour of the vinyl floor, or if you just want to change the look of your floor, then this may be of interest to you.

These options are available for both domestic and commercial vinyl flooring.

Any Colour You Like – You Choose!

Not only can we clean and strip off the sealers from vinyl flooring, but we can now also apply a new colour of your choice to it. Almost any colour is available, so if you have a grey floor and want to change it to green, red, blue or any colour you like, then this is absolutely possible.
Not only can we change the colour of your floor, but we can also add your company logo to the entrance of your floor and apply clear sealers over it, making your company logo stand out completely.

Numerous Additional Options

We can also add a choice of coloured chips into the floor as well. So if you chose a grey floor, you can add black and white chips into it, which makes it stand out even more. Then you can choose matt, satin or gloss in the PU sealer range or matt and satin in the anti-colour sealer range. If you have premises like a laboratory, hairdresser salon or car showroom, then the anti-colour pu sealer is the choice for you. A non-slip additive is also available if required.

All of the above is now also available on ceramic tiled floors as well. If you have a ceramic tiled floor that is very difficult to keep clean because of loads of traffic, then this would be of interest to you too. With a specially formulated primer that bonds the coloured lacquer to the tile which would help you to keep your floors cleaner.

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